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Gee whiz! here I am, posting again after five years.

It’s been busy. I was elected mayor of our small town in April 2007, and soon found out that politics…well, they’re really a pain, and nearly impossible if you try to do them with integrity. After two years of a four-year term, I decided enough was enough. If I couldn’t do the job and retain who I was, I wasn’t going to do it any longer.

I found out people don’t always want help, or progress. I found out that they often care much less about the process than the end result–ends, means, justification runs rampant.

And that’s not me. To me, how you get somewhere is as important as the destination.

It was a tough time for my family. They made sacrifices, and we had a few heated disagreements. When it was all over, we breathed a collective sigh of relief and went back to life as usual–except that it hasn’t been usual.

Daughter #1 had entered and left the Army. She’s firmly ensconced in San Antonio now.  Daughter #2 graduated from high school and has struck out on her own, while #3 daughter started high school–and decided she’d found a love for music. Julie’s a junior now, finishing up another 4.0 year. My son has grabbed life by the horns. We started home school and we’ve had a blast.

John and I share a mutual love of fossil hunting, and all things rock. We take trips together, and spend hours pouring over obscure bits.  So much more interesting than politics.


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